Haute Beauty Perfect Canvas Pearl Mask

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Haute Beauty Perfect Canvas Pearl Mask

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Description: Facial Moisturizing Mask. Each set contains: (4 pcs Base Powder 0.22 oz. 6,30gr / 4pcs Pearl Activator Serum 15ml 0.50 fl. oz.) + 1 mask application brush + 1 cotton face towel to remove the mask.

Refine + De-toxify + Exfoliate

Indulge in a high performance pearl treatment mask as it’s experienced during the Award Winning Signature Facial at The Haute Custom Beauty Institute in Barcelona.

The blend of an ACTIVATOR and a BASE produce a potent effect to help restore skin’s clarity while acting instantly on the signs of aging and fatigue. Bentonite and Kaolin de-toxify and eliminate excess sebum that dull the complexion while the BHA gently exfoliates removing dead cells and instantly refines skin along with the potent antioxidant properties of Black Elderberry, Grape Seed Oil and Niacinamide.

Includes 4 mask applications (Base & Pearl Activator), one 100% cotton velvet towel and one mask brush.

Made in Barcelona