Haute Beauty

Haute Beauty La Barcelonesa Scented Candle


Description: Scented Candle Net Wt. 7.0.oz. / 200 gr.

The candle uses our signature scent that was custom created for the Spa & Beauty Institute in Barcelona using fresh herbs and dry leaves from the Catalonia forests. This candle is hand poured in Barcelona and it uses a 12% perfume concentration, which is the same concentration used in the most exclusive and expensive candles in the world (most typical scented candles only use 3%.)
A local illustrator was commissioned to portray the magic of all of Barcelona's icons. The candle comes in a glass which is separate from the metal art case it slides into which has the Barcelona icons carved out, therefore when the candle is lit it looks as if there was a light turned on inside all of the little buildings.
The metal sleeve can be used for several daily use and decorative applications once the candle burns all the way down. It includes a small poster with the illustration and it explains the history of each one of the icons portrayed on the candle.

Made in Barcelona

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