Saint Germain is a new online shopping experience. We merge content with product seamlessly to gently guide our customers into making choices that are right for them. Our concept offers a new way of delivering information on industry trends and seasonal picks - consider us, your arbiters of style.

“Saint Germain is a unique virtual space, an exclusive fashion destination of global reach with a social commitment. Our mission is to communicate a message of love, to create awareness and inspire transformation through the power of fashion. We are a true expression of modern times: content, product, styling source and fashion facts all rolled into one” says Corina Monteverde, founder of Saint Germain.

Saint Germain gives shoppers the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces from well-known designers all over the world, while also providing them an integration of trend alerts and updated fashion reviews. The site offers an array of exclusive items by both emerging and established designers, while also providing shoppers insightful tips on how to wear and style the pieces, stirring the consumer into a vortex of fashion content and enriching ideas. We facilitate the way in which online shoppers are exposed to products and accessories that include vintage items, jewelry, hard-to-find pieces from previous runway collections, beauty and its own exclusive line of garments in fabrics and materials such as linen, satin, leather and cashmere.

Our Treasures section offers customers access to vintage products that are easy to mix and match with contemporary pieces. Inspired by our muse Marie Antoinette we want our clients to feel unique knowing they have access to immaculately kept ‘treasures’ that have a history and can add that special note to any outfit.