We all know the feeling of getting dressed in the morning, having a closet full of clothes and thinking “hmmm, I have nothing to wear”. If you have the basics down, then what you really need is the right accessories –one that can take your white t and jeans look to the next level.

So then, the question we should all ask ourselves when facing the “I don’t have anything to wear” conundrum is what accessories can pull this look together and make a statement? There's always been talk about investing in statement piece –a designer handbag or the killer shoes you just can't live without– and while this may be a good rule to follow, why not spend less and get more with statement accessories such as our Mercedes Salazar
earrings or the For Love and Lemons Nathalie Hoops? Think about it this way; it’s like redecorating your house - it’s easier to change the cushions and throw on some new pillows than to get a new couch!

If you are getting our drift waltz, make sure to check out our accessories section and add a little sparkle to your closet. We promise a little goes a long way!