Michelle Harper's Essentials

Michelle Harper's Essentials
Michelle Harper shares her top 10 life essentials with Saint Germain 

Michelle Harper shares her top 10 life essentials with Saint Germain 
When thinking about authentic and genuine style, Michelle Harper is always the first name to pop up. In recent times we think it’s safe to say that there has never been anyone to challenge Michelle in the style department. She is the epitome of authenticity - it’s as if she has cool ingrained in her DNA.

With her bold and experimental dress sense, she constantly pushes the envelope always achieving a polished, sophisticated and truly unique result. A bit eccentric, always original, like a work of art - Michelle is an alpha in the style sphere which is why we cannot contain our excitement that she shares with us her 10 life essentials. Trust us, if you want to be cool and sharpen that style edge you better read up:

“In general I don't believe in seasons in terms of trends. I believe in being “arrested”, literally stopped in your tracks when you see something you must add to your collection. Then later you can wear it whenever you want.” 

"I can't live without my Herm
ès, always so classic and chic, the Birkins, the Kellys, the accessories, all of it. I take something really classic like my Hermès bag and I mix it with something wild and gorgeous like Comme des Garçons. I feel it is important to mix in a way that makes contrast, intrigue.” 

1. Christophe Robin’s Finishing Hair Lotion
2. Tata Harper’s Elixir Vitae Eye Cream
3. RMS Lipstick in Red
4. Lebon Toothpaste in Rose flavor
5. Strange Invisible Perfumes 
6. Hermes bags
7. Chamomille Tea
8. “Tinto” (Colombian Coffee)
9. Silk Mask, infused in Lavander oil
10. Caviar Kaspia Paris